Green Your Business Initiative

Hawaiʻi businesses can be leaders on implementing the Aloha+ Challenge by changing everyday practices that impact the workplace, employees, corporate buying power, and the communities they are a part of. The 17 members of the SBF represent over 21,000 employees, $8.5 billion in revenue and $95 million in annual philanthropic donations.

Through the Green Your Business Initiative, SBF members are leading by example and aligning efforts to maximize impact. The individual and aggregate data of SBF member action is tracked on the Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard, Hawaiʻi’s open- data platform for transparency and accountability.

Phase 1:

For the first phase of the Green Your Business Initiative, eleven SBF members enrolled in Hawaiʻi Energy’s Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) Program to help improve and measure energy efficiency through facility upgrades, employee education, and operational and behavioral changes in industrial facilities and offices. The energy use and efficiency savings of enrolled buildings are tracked under the Clean Energy Goal as the “Business Sector Energy Efficiency” target.

Whats Next?

The next phase of the Green Your Business Initiative will address plastic reduction, commuter transportation, workplace disaster preparedness, and employee well-being.

 Aloha+ Goal (2030)GYBI Metrics on the Aloha+ Dashboard
Clean Energy• energy efficiency savings
• energy use reduction
• employee engagement
• carbon emissions reduced
• building energy use intensity
Local Food
Natural Resource Management
Solid Waste Reduction[coming soon]
Smart Sustainable Communities[coming soon]
Green Workforce & Education