The Sustainability Business Forum (SBF) is a group of business executives who are taking the initiative to shape a sustainable future for Hawaiʻi. SBF members share a deep commitment to our island home, and a desire to drive private sector action to achieve Hawai‘i’s statewide sustainability goals. Coordinated by Hawai‘i Green Growth, the SBF convenes quarterly at the executive level to engage in a strategic dialogue and catalyze action on joint initiatives.


We commit to aligning our company values with a triple-bottom-line approach to achieve economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and community resilience, and to advance Hawaiʻi’s Aloha+ Challenge.


We convene to engage in a candid dialogue among business leaders and to advance concrete initiatives.


  1. Leadership: We take the initiative to shape Hawaiʻi’s future.
  2. Vision: We advance a joint vision of sustainable growth for all of Hawaiʻi.
  3. Partnership: We collaborate with different industry sectors, government and civil society.
  4. Discretion: We follow the Chatham House Rule.
  5. Action: We commit to planning and implementing concrete projects with statewide significance, and sharing lessons learned.